Legs have been swollen for two weeks I have dibeates and hypertension I was recently dignoised with chronic kidney failure. For the past two weeks my legs and ankles have been swollen really bad, after I soak them or get up from laying down they burn but

Swollen legs. What stage of chronic kidney disease (ckd) are you in? See a nephrologist and get a 24 hour urine for creatinine clearance and protein. If you have ckd 1 or 2, you will likely need to see a cardiologist to evaluate your heart's ejection fraction, as ckd of this degree is not normally associated with swelling. If you have a high protein in your collection, that could be the cause of your edema.
I . I think you might have two problems here. Chronic renal failure (kidney disease) is well-known to cause fluid retention, and thus, swelling in the legs and feet (gravity brings the fluid down there). While there certainly is a neuropathy associated with kidney disease, it's much more prevalent in diabetes, especially if your diabetes is not well controlled. What might relate the two symptoms you're having is this: hydrostatic pressure on the small nerves from the swelling may be making any minor neuropathy feel worse than it is. I don't think you're dealing with an "emergency" situation, but you most definitely should call your doctor today and let him or her know what's going on. I would not advise soaking them, since warmth will tend to dilate your blood vessels and make the swelling worse. I hope this helps.
Needs evaluation. With kidney failure, one retains salt and water that can cause leg swelling.If you are leaking too much protein in the urine, that also contributes to it.. Certain medications can cause leg swelling eg some BP meds, pain killers etc.Talk to your kidney doctor.