Is female genital cutting (fgc) practiced in united states?

No, criminal offence. Anyone with knowledge of anyone practicing fgc are duty bound to report it to the police. Perpetrators face prison, there is no justification for such mutilation. Knowledge of any parents living in the us who have had their daughters mutilated by fgc should immediately report family to department of child and family social services. Child will need care by apediatric urologist & should be adopted.
Female Genital . Mutilation or cutting. According to http://www.Womenshealth.Gov/publications/our-publications/fact-sheet/female-genital-cutting.Cfm “some immigrants practice various forms of fgc in other parts of the world, including australia, canada, new zealand, the United States, and in european nations.” this practice is in no way condoned by medical societies in the us.