What if I get a cold after my rhinoplasty? I am a teacher and exposed to a lot of germ. What happens if I get a cold after my rhinoplasty and have to blow my nose? .

Nose blowing. Nose blowing (gently) after a rhinoplasty is ok. Use lots of saline spray to make every thing loose and this will facilitate any secretions coming out. You can also sniff into the throat any nasal secretions and then spit it out. Although it sounds gross, it is gentler to the nose.
I . I recommend that my patients avoid blowing their nose for 10-14 days after rhinoplasty surgery. You can perform nasal saline irrigation or lavage to help clear the mucous from your nose, though.
Blowing Nose. You can blow your nose after surgery as long as you do not pinch it with the tissue. Its not the normal way of blowing, but for about two weeks you can place one thumb at the opening of one nostril to occlude the air and gently blow out the other side. Then switch. The key is not to press or manipulate the nose. After 2 weeks you can begin blowing normally.
If . If you get a cold after your rhinoplasty surgery you will not be able to blow your nose for 10-14 days. You can expect nasal congestion and drainage for at least a week after surgey; this is normal. A cold will be treated the same as if you did not have the surgery.