Is it normal to sweat a lot when you exercise?

Sweating w exercise. As you exercise, your body heats up from the activity. In ordrer to keep the temprature constant in the core of your body, fluid, sweat, evaporates on the surface of your skin by robbing heat of the body to create the energy for the sweat to leave the body and evaporate. As you continue to exercise and get better in shape, the body needs to sweat less.
Yes - Solutions. Hyperhidrosis (or excess sweating) is more common than you'd think! antiperspirants are the simple answer, but often won't work with true hyperhidrosis. I have had success treating patients underarms, hands, feet, forehead, and scalp with botox. Botox is fda approved for sweating and is very safe and effective. Botox typically lasts for 6 months when used for excess sweating. Hope this helps!