I noticed I have a swollen lymph on the back of my neck just before the hairline should I be worried? I've had a dry cough since last week with body aches and a sore throat. My cough has calmed down a bit my body aches are gone my throat still hurts a lit

Are . Are we sure this is a lymph node? An isolated lymph node in the suboccipital area would be unusual unless there were inflammatory/infectious processes of the posterior scalp skin or very rarely spread of skin cancers. Did it appear at the time of your other symptoms or has it possibly been present for some time and you now just noticed it. Sebaceous cysts (blocked oil glands) or small lipomas (fatty tumors-benign) can be mistaken for a lymph node. If it persists beyond 3-4 weeks it would be reasonable to have it looked at. If it remains swollen and tender (not usually a characteristic of a malignant lymph node) a course of appropriate antiobiotics and short term oral steroids wouldn't be inappropriate.
Monitoring Centers. Lymphatic system absorbs/carries things too big to go into the arteries/veins like bacteria eaten by white cells and digested food. Lymph nodes "taste" the lymph for anything bad like bacteria/viruses/cancers, etc. When it detects a problem, it alerts the immune system and your body reacts. They enlarge in response to the inflammation they create when they react. They shrink when all is well.

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I've had a nonproductive dry cough for 2 mos w/o a sore throat or fever. Lymph nodes are swollen aswell as blood vessels under tongue. Cause for concern?

Needs a look. A lot of people have non-productive coughs this time of year but adding in the other symptoms makes it worthwhile to see you doctor for a look. If you are a smoker, you should be in your doctor's office now! it is much better to have someone tell you it will go away than ask you why weren't you in here sooner! Read more...