What should I do. My son had a blackout in the bathroom this morning I really cannot say how long he was out for. He have a knot above his left eye and now his blood preasure have been high all day. He have no headache but his BP is 153/103/55 and he is n

Hello. . Hello. I would get him medical attention. He had a blackout for unknown reasons, elevated blood pressure and a knot that suggests he had a head injury.
You . You son needs immediate medical attention. I'm assuming his blood pressure is not usually high, so with evidence of a fall with a head injury one has to worry about a hemorrhage inside the membranes that cover the brain, leading by way of a reflex mechanism to increased blood pressure (and slowing of the heart rate). This would represent a neurosurgical emergency if this is the cause. Contrariwise, he may have more chronic hypertension than you know. His blackout may have been due to a ruptured cerebral aneurysm or a hemorrhage from hypertension in the brain. In either case he needs to rapidly see physicians and to get a head ct scan.