I'm a teen who plays sports, I don't drink much water at all and I've had sharp stomach pain and green feces? Is this water related? It only happened to me one day but im just curious? They were really sharp stomach pains though but they went away after I

Good . Good news! the only stool colors we get really concerned about are red (blood from colon), black (blood from small intestine or stomach), or white (liver is not working well). Colors such as brown, yellow, orange, green, even blue (blue kool-aid or blueberries) or purple (beets) can all be normal and usually associated with diet or viral illness. If you have a persistent change in your stool habits, you should contact your physician since this could be a sign of an underlying disorder, but a one-time strange stool that is not red, black or white is usually of no concern. Your symptoms are unlikely related to your water intake during exercise.