Could chest pain be acid reflex my wife has been having some sharp short pains in her chest I thought it could be acid reflex how ever the Prilosec we brought has not stoped the pain should I get her to the hospital

Hello, . Hello, i noted that you tagged this as cardiology, which suggests that you are concerned about your wife's heart. Although, i don't usually hear an mi described as sharp and short pains, I have noted that you also included numbness as a tag. I will list some of the symptoms of a mycocardial infarction (heart attack). Chest pain, tightness, squeezing or fullness is the most common presentation. However the pain can also present in the upper back, the upper middle abdomen, jaw, head, teeth or in the arms (left more than right). One could have nausea, vomiting or it could feel like indigestion or heartburn. Feeling short of breath, sweating and just feeling out of sorts can also occur. About a fourth of people have no significant symptoms during a heart attack. From the info you provided, i don't know if she has additional symptoms. What i would say is that is if feels like acid reflux to her and she has numbness, it should be approached as possible worst case scenario. I do recommend that she have an emergency evaluation and calling 911 is often the safest route to use.