I have been vomiting blood and blood in stool it makes me really weak and I get real tired the blood is bright red in color. ... I get pains in my lower stomach on both sides abdomen area. I have had colon polyps removed at four different times they found

Emergency evaluation. Vomiting frank blood is serious. This needs immediate attention.
Very worrisome. These symptoms are very worrisome and need to be evaluated as soon as possible by a physician. Bleeding should always, always be evaluated.
If . If a patient is vomiting blood and blood in the stool, it can be from several causes. A bleeding ulcer can cause vomiting blood and blood in the stool. If a patient is bleeding and feels weak, it may be from anemia. If a patient has "pockets" on the colon, it may be that the patient has diverticulosis, and bleeding from the diverticuli can occur. If a patient is having blood in their vomit and stool, they must be assessed immediately by a physician.