I think I have yeast infection. I don't know what to do. My choices are going to the doctor or buying some cream. What should I do? My vagina itches and it's begining to swell up. I had it for about 3 days.

If . If a patient has a yeast infection, then it usually has white or cheesy discharge, the vagina appears to have white dots/spots on it, and it is very itchy. There are over the counter treatments available for treatment; either suppositories or cream can safely treat a yeast infection. If the patient has any concern about sexually-transmitted infections causing infection, these infections usually have yellow or green discharge, and the patient often has pain and fever, then the patient must have a medical evaluation. To prevent yeast infections, use cotton underwear only (not nylon), avoid hot baths, and decrease sugary drinks/snacks in the diet.

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I have been having an increased itching on my vagina, what is this from? My doctor told me it wasn't a yeast infection but I'm not so sure she is right, but she is a doctor. I just want a second opinion. It only itches after I go to the bathroom, after in

You . You need to be seen for a second opinion. You are right, your scratching and itching are not normal. You should have a complete set of cultures taken to determine the cause of infection. If you have pain, bleeding, fever, or vomiting then you need to be seen as an emergency. Read more...