I am 51 year old women and have been swollen in the legs and ankles, feet and face for over a month. Tests are normal had ultra sound done one heart and liver. Had blood work done all came back normal. I do have thyroid I take meds for. My legs feel so ti

If . If all you've had done are blood tests and an ultrasound of the heart and liver, i'd say you still have a way to go before your doctor should give up. It's also a little unusual for your face to be swollen. I would look into cushing's disease as a possible cause. Perhaps a second opinion is in order?

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52 female swollen legs and feet, legs are bright red and warm at touch. I gained 30lbs in less than a week, I take thyroid med. Went to my dr, she ran blood work and it all came back ok. Had ultra sound of liver and heart and all is good. Seen my cardio dr

Hello. . Hello. You indicated that you gained 30 pounds in one week - usually that rapid a weight gain is due to fluid retention. The swelling of your lower extremities helps to support that idea. I don't know if the blood work, and ultrasounds were done before or after that weight gain. Even if a definitive cause is not known, your doctor should be able to help diuress some of that fluid (if that is infact what it is). I am a psychiatrist, so i can not provide you with a second opinion. However, if you had not yet had that level of weight gain, please get this reassessed by your provider. Also ask about help to reduce the fluid that is being retained in your lower extremities. In the meantime, you may wish to sit with your legs propped up, so that you won't have so much gravitational pull on the fluids. Read more...