What is the typical treatment for a muniscus tear is there surgery involved? What kind of pain medication and how long is recovery?

Hello.. Hello. I don't know the extent of your injury. Often, arthroscopic surgery is done to the knee. This means that the surgery is done internally, without filleting the knee open. Without knowing more about your injury it is hard to say how long the recovery would be. If there is a small tear and that is removed, your recovery time could be four to six weeks. (this doesn't mean you need to lie in bed for four to six weeks; but you wouldn't want to be playing sports). It the doctor only needed to remove loose bodies from the joint space, that recovery might take two to four weeks. It the meniscus requires repair, it could take four months or longer for a full recovery. Often patients are prescribed non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications. Narcotics are often prescribed post operatively to control pain.