Should we pull very loose baby teeth? I have heard that it's better to let the child pull it out themselves, but our son just lets them sit there. Is it better for us to try and pull them, or let him do it? .

Needs help. If you can get your child to do it himself, great. Just don't forget to call the tooth fairy. If tooth "hung up" it can cause displacement of underlying permanent tooth. So if your son will not let you help, take him to the dentist. And while your at it, now that permanent teeth are beginning to erupt, it's time for your child's 1st orthodontic check up. Better to be early than miss a window.
If . If they are that loose, why don't you try to wiggle them together? They are useless at this point, and it would be terrible if one got loose while he was sleeping and he started to choke.
This . This is probably an age old question. My response would be to let the child wiggle the tooth and have the satisfaction of removing it himself. Some parents are squeamish about removing a tooth. However, a child (especially one who has friends that are losing teeth) can be very motivated to wiggle it until it successfully comes out. A little tooth fairy incentive helps as well.