Is 90 mg (w/ crown royal) of clonazepam enough to overdose a 260 lb woman? My mum is trying to commit suicide again and I can't get help, because if I do no one will take care of me and my two younger brothers. I have her sleeping, her air ways are clear,

CALL . Call 911 ! if i knew where you were, i would have called them by now myself! your mum is at severe, extreme risk of death - especially if she falls asleep ! please do not hesitate any longer ! the most common cause of death in that kind of overdose is the person falls asleep and stops breathing - game over ! she is also at extreme risk of vomitting in her sleep, and choking to death on the vomit ! do you really want your mum to die that way, right in front of your eyes ?!? Please, call 911 now ! if you need help caring for your self and your brothers, the social worker at the hospital can help you with that. Having survived an overdose before does not mean she wont die this time ! she is at extremely high risk of death !
Hello. . Hello. Dr bunt provided very good advice. I think you are really in a tough place. I hope that you did get help. I am writing 3 days after this occurred. I don't have any medical advice to give you. I just wanted to provide a little moral support. Take care.
Call 911. It's your Mom's life, however confused and scrambled she may be. Make a full police report about her behaviors. Then pick up the phone and talk to your family physician. Go to your school guidance counselors. Talk to several other people about the insanity in your home. Chances are that we can find a better life for you and your brothers. You're good to care. Best wishes.