Can I play soccer with a broken pinky toe? Two and half weeks ago I broke my toe during a soccer game. The doctor said it was a simple fracture and that I should stay off of it for a while. I've been buddy taping it and staying off of it. The swelling is

Not a good idea... It sounds to me like you will just keep re-injuring it if you don't give it a chance to heal properly. The only thing to do is give it time - probably four weeks at least.
No. Not if you want it to heal in proper alignment in the usual 4-6 weeks.
It's . It's not really advisable to play soccer with a broken toe, even if it no longer hurts, and even if it was a "simple" fracture. Secondary bone healing (which is what you're trying to accomplish) takes 6-8 weeks before the bone is sufficiently healed to not risk re-breaking it. Constant movement of the bone fragments from soccer while it's trying to heal runs the risk of a delayed union, or even a non-union. If you develop a non-union, you either live the rest of your life in pain, or have surgery to re-break the toe and fixate the newly broken pieces with a wire for 6-8 weeks, which will cause you more time off the soccer field than you would have been if you refrain from playing for 6-8 weeks. Also, "buddy" splinting the pinky toe to the adjoining (4th) toe is not a good idea. The 5th toe moves in a different plane during the gait cycle than the 2nd, 3rd & 4th toes. The general rule is you can tape a 2nd to a 3rd, or a 3rd to a 4th, or a 2nd to a 3rd and a 4th, but you can't tape a 1st to a 2nd or a 4th to a 5th. Is there a chance you'll be just fine if you play soccer anyway now? Sure! but the risks really aren't worth it. Put in your time off now, and know you'll be fine forever.