Could I get pregnant if I have an eating disorder?

Yes. It may be hard to get pregnant with anorexia if your weight is low. It is best if your eating disorder is under good control prior to getting pregnant since good nutrition and appropriate weight gain are important during pregnancy. Once you are pregnant, you should stay in contact with your therapist since the body changes of pregnancy can set you back.
Yes. It is still possible to become pregnant with an eating disorder.

Related Questions

Help please! What eating disorders can a pregnant women get and why?

All kinds. There is so much going on during pregnancy both physically and emotionally. Food becomes different; women are now feeding someone else while they are feeding themselves. The high calorie foods (sometimes junk) they might deprive themselves of are now "in limits" on the other end of the spectrum some women cannot distinguish between "fat" and pregnant so they do harm by depriving themselves.
Eating DO. Any type of eating disorder is possible during pregnancy depending on premorbid condition prior to getting pregnant.

What do you say to someone who has an eating disorder and is pregnant?

Here's what I'd say. 1. They need to make sure that their obstetrician is aware of the severity of their eating disorder. 2. They need to put the mutual health of baby and mother above the desire to engage in eating disordered behaviors. 3. That they can discuss working with a nutritionist with their physician.

Help please! Is common for women with eating disorders to bleed during early pregnancy?

Not likely. Bleeding early in pregnancy can stem from many cause, all of which are worth a call and visit to your ob. There are few if any reasons an eating disorder alone would cause this symptom. Reach out to your doc asap!
No. The eating disorder itself should not cause bleeding. Bleeding can occur in the early part of pregnancy in anyone and should be evaluated.

Will having an eating disorder prevent me from getting pregnant or having a healthy baby?

Maybe. A restrictive disorder, such as anorexia nervosa can cause loss of body fat to the point where it affects hormone levels and may prevent pregnancy. As far as having a healthy baby, it is essential to have adequate nutrition intake.
Maybe. Most babies turn out fine in spite of nutritional balance, sometimes there are issues in spite of good nutrition. You are more likely to have problems with nutritional imbalance. Be sure to take prenatal vitamin if you are child-bearing age.