Will radiation for breast cancer increase my risk for other cancers?

Yes. Talk to your doctor about this risk and steps for prevention.
Low Risk. With current technology in radiation oncology the risk of developing a cancer from the radiation is dramatically lower than with the older technology and techniques.

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After having chemo and radiation for breast cancer, would your hair come in different textures?

Yes. It is not uncommon for hair to regrow more curly and a different texture after chemotherapy. I have seen some pretty amazing changes. Nothing to worry about. Think of it as chance to be different.

Any effects of radiation for breast cancer?

Cure (we hope) Radiation therapy is a very effective way to "sterilize" the breast after lumpectomy, reducing the chance of cancer coming back in the breast. Modern techniques allow the radiation oncologist to target the breast & minimize exposure elsewhere, namely the lungs & heart. Depending on breast size & smoking history, some people will have more breast scarring than others; most people are satisfied.
Local side effect. The most common side effects will be redness/ irritation/ peeling off skin etc from the radiation exposure to the skin over the radiation field- breast area, collar bone, arm pit etc. With the technology we have nowadays- the risk of exposure to other organs can be minimized- thus side effects to the lung (pneumonitis), heart etc would be only minimal.

How to know when do side effects show up during radiation for breast cancer?

Varies. Can have redness and irritation after 3-4 weeks or may not have problems till completed. Most serious problems can show up months or years after finishing: lung scarring (pulmonary fibrosis), inflammation in the lining of the heart (pericarditis), accelerated cardiac vessel disease, increased risk of heart attacks.
2-3 weeks. The common side effects of breast radiation including skin burning and redness take 2-3 weeks after starting to occur.

What are effects of radiation for breast cancer on the body? Short and long term.

See below. Short term effects include fatigue and radiation dermatitis (like a bad sunburn). Long term effects may include heart (if radiating the left breast) or lung damage, though these are rare. Also rare, is another tumor called sarcoma in the field of radiation. This can occur more than 20 years after radiation.
Varies. Short term effects include fatigue and possibly some minor discomfort and skin changes. Long term effects include skin changes, increase risk of lymphadema, and a low risk of developing a second malignancy.

Can radiation for breast cancer be used with vns implant for depression?

Vagus N Stimulator. If some one has vns inserted only contraindication is use of external defibrillator in a heart attack. Speak to your doctor, can avoid radiation exposure to the generator on the chest (like pacemaker), or could be relocated to there side.

Does a history of lung problems make it a bad idea for me to have radiation for breast cancer?

It Depends. It depends on your lung problems. Radiation for breast cancer may cause some lung changes on x-ray, and sometimes a cough. Women with asthma or COPD can have radiation therapy. Women with lupus or scleroderma should not have radiation therapy. You should not have radiation therapy if you have had previous radiation to your chest. Ask your radiation oncologist about your specific lung problems.
No. Very little lung is effected with good careful radiation planning. Of course these effects are in the consent form but the risk is low.
Maybe. You need to ask your pulmonary doctor to speak with your radiatin oncologist and vice versa. Very little lung tissue is hit with breast radiotherapy. But your lung situation may need a specific not a general answer.

Wat are intraaxillary lymph nodes? What are the side effects of radiation for breast cancer. & how long its given for earlier stage of cancer

Partial answer. The nodes in the armpit are often involved in patients with breast cancer and are generally treated with radiation to kill tumor cells. Radiation also damages other tissues needed for drainage of fluid from the arm. Due to that damage, some patients develop swelling of the arm on the involved side. You should discuss these issues with your doctor who knows your health status better.

My sister in law has just gone through chemo and radiation for breast cancer is not sleeping at all can she take Adco-Zolpidem-hemitartrate?

Treating physician. That question is best asked of her treating physician or the one who is responsible for managing her chemo/radiation treatments. I don't see why not but then, again I'm not an oncologist.