Can a 6 month old baby catch chicken pox if exsposed to someone with shingles? My grandmother has shingles and watches my baby

Yes, . Yes, until the shingles lesions have crusted over, grandma is contagious. Vzv vaccination is usually not recommended until 12 months of age, so it is unlikely that your child has been vaccinated. It would be prudent to get a different sitter until grandma's lesions have crusted. Complications can be more severe in infants; and fever, headache, irritability, tiredness sometimes show up a day or two before the rash does, so if you see these symptoms you should call your pediatrician. And of course, children with chicken pox should not be given Aspirin at all due the risk of developing reye's syndrome. If your child does not develop chicken pox, then vaccinating him or her when they are old enough is a good idea so that you won't have to worry about this issue in the future.
Depends. Shingles differs from chickenpox in its modes of transfer. It is not present in the saliva or a cough from the affected person so it is not transferred through the air. Only the debris from the sores contain virus that could pass to the child and trigger chickenpox. If the sores are covered & good hand washing is practiced, there is no reason to automatically exclude GM as a caretaker.