Root canal in november I got cleaning done and the dentist I went to he told me that I have cavaties in my bottom right 3 tooth... So I need to get filling done, week later he did the filling and he touch my wisdom tooth during that which got really badl

Get checked! I believe you meant to say that now your wisdom tooth hurts badly. Maybe you have a cavity in the wisdom tooth as well? Sometimes these teeth are difficult to restore and are extracted. Other times, if its in an area that accessible, it can be filled or root canal can be done if necessary. Good luck.
Sorry . Sorry you are having so much trouble. From what you described, the filling in your tooth is very deep, so deep that it is sitting right on top or touching the nerve in that tooth. It may or may not be infected yet.... Does the tooth hurt with hot or cold, especially cold? If so, the nerve is still alive. If it just hurts without sensitivity to thermal stimuli, then the nerve is dead. Either way, if you are in so much pain, you will need root canal therapy. The therapy involves removal of that affected nerve so that your tooth won't hurt. It is a common procedure and not unexpected considering how deep the filling is. It is too bad your first dentist did not explain this to you when he did the filling. You would not be suffering and would have already had the root canal started.
The . The most common cause of a toothache is extensive decay in a tooth that reaches the hollow part of the tooth where the nerve and blood supply are located. Treating a cavity removes all the decay, however decay that has come close or invaded the pulp (nerve) can cause inflammation and pain. Root canal therapy is the treatment required to resolve the pain.