Genital warts or hemorrhoids? Around my anus it turns purple, and has about two purple bumps/lumps around, it started itching, and now itches more than before. I've noticed when I look in the mirror and push the bumps comes out bigger. How can I know if I

This sounds. Like hemorrhoids, either internal and/or external and does not sound like genital warts at all. Caffeine causes the itching and makes you constipated, having to push and thus hemorrhoid symptoms. Eliminate all caffeine and alcohol and drink 80-100 oz fluids per day. See a colorectal surgeon if this does not resolve.
The . The purple color you describe is a little worrisome. Is it possible that these are blood filled lesions? If so it may be hemorrhoids that are thrombosed (a hemorrhoid that has developed a blood clot). This requires immediate attention. On the other hand, genital warts are typically painless, flesh colored, and look like cauliflower. They can appear within a few weeks of exposure to the hpv virus (virus that causes warts). Honestly, the best thing for you to do in this situation is to see your doctor for an accurate diagnosis and treatment. All the best.