Why do I have a swollen gum after a teeth cleaning? I was in for my regular six month check up last week, and since then the gum on the rear lower left side of my jaw looks and feels swollen. There is not a lot of pain, but it is a bit tender. Could my de

Drs . Drs zweig and mcleod have given you good advice. Sometimes the gum is irritated from the cleaning, sometimes a bit of calculus may have lodged in the space between the gum and tooth, causing an inflammatory response. Regarding the dentist you are currently seeing... The choice is yours. You should feel comfortable with the person who is treating you. If you were, you wouldn't be asking for our advice... You would have called him first. Best of luck to you.
If . If you are sure you are swollen, then have it checked out. To whom you go is a personal decision. However, sometimes after cleanings your gums just feel a little swollen but are not actually swollen. If you have any doubt or concern, by all means have it looked at.
THIS . This is a good question when your teeth are cleaned it is entirely possible that the hygienist has worked below the gum line to remove calculus, the tarter that accumulates when the plaque in not removed efficiently and and becomes calcified. The instruments that penetrate below the gum displace the tissue and they are used to scrap off the calculus and the lining of the gum pocket is stretched and scraped. This will produce an inflammatory response, and one of the five signs of inflammation is "tumor" from the latin which means swelling. There i think that answers your question. Dr neil mcleod dds dentistry nthat lasts - quality that counts.