Can I get braces if I have dental implants? I'm 35, and would like to get braces. However, I have two dental implants on the upper left side of my jaw due to an accident years ago. Since these implants can't move, does that preclude me from being able to

Yes. Braces will move your natural teeth but not your dental implant teeth. The dental implants also assist in helping orthodontic tooth movement.
Absolutely. Although implants cannot be moved, the other teeth can. Sometimes the implants can act as a source of anchorage to move other teeth. Sometimes they are in the way and may have to be removed and replaced. There are always interesting solutions for any problem. Ask an orthodontist to take a look and give you an opinion.
Implants and ortho. The implants will not move. However it may be possible to design your orthodontic tooth movement around that problem. You would be best to consult a trained orthodontic specialist to determine if this is possible. The worse case scenario would involve removing the implant and replacing it., however i very rarely find this necessary.
Yes. The implants will not move as you stated, but the rest of the teeth can be. In some instances, those implanted teeth may actually serve the orthodontist well as "anchors" to move others around. Best to make an appointment with your orthodontist to see what can be done in your situation.
You can, but... You can get braces and the implants can even be used as anchors to assist in the orthodontics, but you are correct in your assumption that your implants will not move. The implants are fused to your jaw bone. Your implants can always have the crowns on them redone to fit into the new arch alignment and esthetics. Depending on how much movement, dictates the final results.
Yes. Implant can make the ideal anchorage since they can't move. Hopefully they are in a position such that they can stay put.
No, . No, implants do not preclude getting braces at all. If they are well placed, the fact that they don't move could be helpful as they can be used as anchors to facilitate the movement of your natural teeth. In some cases one or both implants can be removed if they would be in the way of the post orthodontic alignment. As every case is different, it would be a good idea to consult with an orthodontist to learn how to best incorporate your implants into an orthodontic treatment plan.
Braces and implants. Yes, A thorough evaluation by your implant dentist and orthodontist can answer you needs. Many times implants are place about half way through Orthodontics. When the ortho is done the implant is also ready for the finish tooth to made.
As . As the other panelists responded, getting braces will be no problem. Depending on exactly how the crowns are shaped on the implants, after your teeth are straightened, you may need to redo the crowns to make things just perfect. Cannot tell without an exam, but keep that in mind.
Brooklyn, Yes, . Brooklyn, yes, get your smile fixed up. Implants should not stand in your way. There are positives and negatives from the immobility of implants pertaining to orthodontic treatment. All of which can be managed by a qualified dentist. Hope this is helpful, michael i. Wollock, dmd, agd fellow dentistry at suburban square 610-649-0313 www.Dentistryatsuburbansquare.Com.
Usually. Often, orthodontists use implants for anchorage. As long as they are in an acceptable area, there should be no problem. The orthodontist should be able to plan around them.