How should I take care of myself if I have diabetes?

Become educated. Dr joslin, a brilliant pioneer if diabetes often said, the diabetes patient who knows the most lives the longest. Become educated via joslin diabetes center and american diabetes association.

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How should I take care of myself if I have gestational diabetes?

Sugar control. Watch your diet, decrease sugars and carbs, exercise daily, and check your sugars. Most gd can be controlled without medication.
Lifestyle changes. Exercise, exercise, exercise, weight loss and more exercise. Your choice!
Paleo diet/low carb. Contrary to popular belief, best way to improve diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol, and weight is by completely stopping high carb foods (grains, lentils, potatoes based items). Also avoid milk protein since it causes insulin resistance. Low carb foods: eggs, fish, meats, vegetables, avocados, some saturated fat (butter, coconut oil), olive oil are very effective. This can help avoid meds.