Is this nomal healing? What do I do next? What to except next? 1 had wisdom teeth removed and 2 others 1 mo. Ago now it looks like bone coming thru on bottom right side, hurts is this normal? The rest of the gums in mouth seem to heal fine.0ne month la

Wareham, . Wareham, it can happen, usually it is a boney spicule. A piece of bone that flakes off as the jaw remodels and works its way up through the gums till it is poking out and causing irritation and annoyance. Have your dentist/oral surgeon take a look, if correct it will take two minutes to remove usually with a little topical anesthetic. Hope this is helpful, michael i. Wollock, dmd, agd fellow dentistry at suburban square 610-649-0313.
I . I concur with both of the previous two answers. This can be a typical by product of the removal of the wisdom teeth, that can be easily resolved with a follow up visit to the doctor that performed the extractions. Small fragments of bone and/or tooth can work there way out of the gums. This process may occur days to even years later.
What . What you call "bone coming thru" may be be a piece of bone or actually a fragment of the original tooth. If it is bone, the gum may eventually grow over it and it may heal properly. However, it is more likely that it will not heal properly or may cause further problems later on. This can probably be quickly and easily be remedied by a visit to your dentist. Please set up an appointment with your dentist to evaluate and remedy your problem.
Bony . Bony spicules or sequestrum doesn't always happen, but can. Sometimes despite all our efforts and doing everything right, this can happen. Often the pieces can be removed by you and your fingers or tweezers, sometimes a dentist needs to do it. In some cases, the spicules are not completely loose and need to have a dentist smooth it down. This normally requires being numb. It may resolve on its own.
It . It sounds to me as if you have a boney sequestrum. This is an area of bone that was beside your wisdom tooth which now has died. The body is trying to throw is of, but the process of isolating the bone which is hard takes a long time, and it is still attached to living bone deeper down. You should go back and see the surgeon who removed the tooth and ask him to evaluate it and take care of it for you. This is normal, but it does occur. You should be aware that is is not something hat was done incorrectly, it is just a complication that sometimes occurs. Dr neil mcleod dds dentistry that lasts - quality that counts.