Pain in my armpit after the surgery I had a cyst on my armpit which was removed about seven months ago. Now I can see two small white coloured spots on the scar and the scar is still red. Sometimes experience a pain around the wound and also in my whole han

Couple possibilities. Could be a recurrence of the cyst, an abscess, or a reaction to the suture used to close the wound. Impossible to tell without seeing it, have the doctor who did the surgery check. Surgical wounds can take a year or more to totally heal and a red (nonpainful) wound after 7 months is not unusual. If I had to guess without actually seeing it, I would say recurrence of the cyst or an abscess.
You . You should go back and see the surgeon who did your first surgery. There are many things this could be and the best option is to see the person who did your initial work. Most likely if the cyst they removed is normal tissue then this would be normal tissue or a recurrence of the cyst or it could be something new which your initial surgeon would be able to let you know.