How often should I receive a mammogram I am 29 years old. I have had a knot in my right breast since 2007, my dr says it is caused of caffine but it gets sore sometimes the first knot I had I had it removed it came back non cancer and no cancer cells wher

Yearly (begin @ 40) Mammograms remain our best test to screen for breast cancer. Most us experts advise starting at 40 (or 10 yrs younger than a close family member who had breast ca). The lump you describe sounds classic for fibrocystic changes: "lumpy-bumpy" breast tissue that is sensitive to hormonal changes. If you find a new lump, it is always best to see your gyne or primary care dr. To be extra-cautious.
If you have. a stable physical finding since 2007, it is highly unlikely that it is cancer. At your age, if imaging is indicated, ultrasound would be the modality of first choice, and then possibly a mammo depending on what it showed. Unless you are at very high risk(e.g. a BRCA carrier), you don't need to start screening until you are 40.
The . The "knot" you described in your breast sounds like a cyst, which can increase in size if you consume a lot of caffeine. These cysts often tend to hurt right before your period. As far as breast cancer screening goes, for women who have a first degree relative (your mother in this case) with breast cancer, then screening for them would start ten years before the age your mother was when she was diagnosed. For instance if your mother was diagnosed at age 40, your screening would start at age 30. If your doctor is not following this protocol, then you should seek another opinion. All the best.