What's my risk of heart disease after a hysterectomy? My doctor recommended a hysterectomy and hormone replacement therapy, but I've read it can increase my risk of heart disease. I already have some risk factors. Does a hysterectomy make my chances of de

Heart disease. The risk of heart disease increases after a hysterectomy due to the decline in estrogen that has protective actions toward heart disease. I would look into bio-identical hormone replacement.
Hello. . Hello. If you ovaries are not removed; it won't change your risk for heart disease. However if both your ovaries and uterus are removed (which it looks like is the case for you since your doctor is recommending hormone replacement therapy) that can increase risk. With a total hysterectomy your estogen levels will drop. Estrogen helps to protect against heart disease. You develop a "surgical menopause" and this can lead to increasing sustances in your blood that cause clotting as well as making your blood vessels more susceptible to plaques or clots forming.

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Does hormone replacement therapy (hrt) increase a woman's risk for heart disease or not?

Yes and no. It reduces the risk of developing plaque which reduces long term risk. However, it increases the risk of forming clots, especially in smokers, which is the final step leading to stroke or heart attack. Read more...

Is prescription hormone replacement therapy after a full hysterectomy recommended?

Yes. Hormone replacement (hrt) should be given to all women unless they have significant contraindications. Unfortunately the medical sentiment has changed against hrt over the last decade. It is coming back but physicians are still very reluctant. Many benefits and few risks if done in non-oral fashion. Especially very important if the hysterectomy was done before age 50. Don't wait seek hrt. Read more...