How should I handle depression? I'm a 15-yr-old girl struggling with depression. I have suffered from family problems such as being abused and raped. I don't have anyone to go to and talk to. I don't want to tell my friends either. I told my mother I need

Hello. . Hello. It sounds like a lot has happened in your life. I would let your father know about how depressed you feel as well as letting him know about your cutting. You do need to talk with a professional. On line resources are not a substitute for therapy. Please let your dad know and ask for him to arrange for you to see a psychiatrist. If this doesn't work, most schools have counselors and i would ask to talk with one. If you are having thoughts about killing or hurting yourself again, it is very important that you get help right away. That is serious. Give your dad a chance to be your dad by asking for his help take care.
I agree w' Dr Fowler. In addition you can reach out to a school counselor who can help you speak with your mother and father. It is unclear whether your father was abusive to you. If so the advice would be different. The school psychologist will know how to help you get the help you need.