Is it possible that long term use of the zoom whitening system can weaken teeth? I'm looking into teeth whitening regimens, particularly zoom, and I'm wondering if over the long term there is anyway it can weaken teeth and damage or remove enamel? .

Not yet. There are no studies that show tooth damage from whitening other than sensitivity. We use hydrogen peroxide compounds to whiten your teeth. Hp is a very volitile compound that quickly breaks down to water and an oxygen free radical. It is this oxygen free radical does causes the whitening, just like oxyclean removes stains from clothes. Do not use oxyclean on your teeth. It's poisonous if ingested.
Whitening . Whitening has been around for many years. It appears that it probably does not cause any long term problems. There are a few studies that show on a rare occasion that internal resorption of the tooth can occur. Personally, I have not seen any problems with the exception of some sensitivity after about 500 cases. I usually make sure there is no dental decay (cavities) prior to whitening. In addition, it has also been shown that whitening your teeth can lead to a better periodontal (gum) condition. The active ingredient in most whitening systems is hydrogen perioxide. Hope this helps. Happy whitening!
In . In general whitening agents, regardless of the brand, do not weaken teeth or remove enamel. Occassionally if used as in "in office" procedure, if not performed properly they can cause tooth sensitivity or gum irritation, which generally is not a big problem. I have seen a couple of cases of external root resorbtion from high concentration in office whitening procedures but these are relatively rare. However, that is why in my office i generally advise take home whitening gels in custom made trays with dentist supervision.
Professional . Professional tooth whitening causes no harm to the teeth. If you were to use an over the counter whitening toothpaste, you could cause harm because those items are very abrasive. However, a professional whitening where a solution is applied to your teeth with a light shining on it will cause you no harm.
There . There is no evidence that correct use of tooth whitening dose any hard to the teeth and that is true for zoom. I might add a note of caution. There is a degree of sensitivity associated with the tooth whitening process, and i think that when your body hurts you are being given a message to stop what ever it is causes the pain. Secondly i advise not over bleaching. People do get over ambitious with the degree of whitening they desire. It can look so fake when it is too white. Dr neil mcleod dds dentistry that lasts - quality that counts.