Are cosmetic products that have alpha hydroxy acids safe?

Avoid with rosacea. Aha, Alpha hydroxy acid creams are generally safe to use and good exfoliants. Patients with acne and oily skin do well with aha. However, it may exacerbate people with rosacea. If you develop burning sensation and redness with use, you should stop.
Usually low potency. Yes, in most instances low potency formulations are used but precautions should be followed as recommended.

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Have cosmetic products with alpha hydroxy acids been shown to be safe? They've been around awhile.

Yes. Alpa hydroxy acids are what can be referred to as "fruit acids". They are generally derived from high sugar sources: Lactic Acid from milk, glycolic acid from sugar cane, tartaric acid from wine. All are safe at low concentrations. Higher concentrations require medical expertise. Find a great skin expert either in plastic surgery or dermatology to help you with your skin.

Could products that contain alpha hydroxy acids make the skin younger?

Alpha hydroxy acids. Alpha hydroxy acid is used as an exfoliant to help with wrinkles, roughness & variable pigmentation. It won't cause the skin to be younger but can give that appearance.

Which is better alpha hydroxy acids or retin A (tretinoin) for peeling?

Retin A (tretinoin) doesn't peel. Retin A (tretinoin) is not generally considered a peeling agent. It may promote growth of the skin which subsequently benefits from gently exfoliation.

What should a good over-the-counter moisturizer contain for woman in 40s looking for healthy skin and to reduce wrinkles? Retinol? Alpha hydroxy acids?

Skin evaluation. First of all, you have to consult a competent Dermatologist and/or a Plastic Surgeon that can evaluate the nature of your ski....The texture, color and the quality of the dermis, so that the appropriate moisturizer an/or treatment can be recommended...