Is bone cancer a possibility? My foot has had problems before, but its never been this bad. My foot is swollen and I've been having excruciating pain. The pain is getting worse and its going up my leg. My hip has also started to hurt/ache, and so has the

Request . Request a test for gout (uric acid) and an arthritis panel to rule out any autoimmune issues like lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, etc. A bone scan (dexa) is a good idea to rule out osteoporosis/osteopenia. Also, have x-rays of your foot and/or hip been done? If not this is not a bad idea to give clues as to the diagnosis. A more detailed history and physical is needed to decide on other possibilities; to answer your question bone cancer is unlikely but not entirely impossible. If you are unhappy with your care, seek a second opinion. Best of luck.