Hi doc, this is very urgent. I had sex with my gf recently bout 3 days ago, we didn't really had sex, inserted her about 5sec thrusting about 5~6 times, and stopped. Will she get preg? She was on her period. Please reply. I'm dying. Tqsomuch. Afraid of p

The . The exact probability of ovulating during your menses is very small but there are no real statistics. I may be able to explain how it can happen and then you will realize how unlikely it is. In an ideal cycle the menses are 28 days apart. The follicular phase is the first half when the ovary produces estrogen and causes the lining to grow while the follicle grow with the egg inside. Ovulation occurs on day 14 (arguably the best calculation is 14 before menses - we'll come back to this). The ovaries then produce Progesterone to make the endometrial lining of the uterus receptive to an embryo. If the embryo implants, you are pregnant and the ovary continues to produce Progesterone to support the pregnancy. In order to get pregnant on your period, then you either had to have a very short follicular phase or perhaps the bleeding was very long. Further, the sperm can live in the cervix for many days even though we think they only last 2-3 days. An example might be that the menses was 9 days long and sex occurred on the 9th day, the sperm lived in the tubes for three days and ovulation occurred 2 days early on cycle day 12 with conception. This scenario would technically allow conception on the menses but actually the cycle was about the right time. The reason we usually do not think women can conceive on the menses is that it takes days to prepare the uterine lining with estrogen and the egg requires a number of days to mature. Then the luteal phase with Progesterone must be sufficient to sustain a pregnancy. When the cycle are too short then usually the woman's body is not receptive even if there were an embryo trying to implant. We see this in ivf treatment where we have to be careful about hormone and cycle lengths to maximize pregnancy. This long winded reply was intended to give you some reason to believe that menstrual cycle conception is very unlikely :) best wishes.
Hello. . Hello. Normally pregnancy does not occur with intercourse during menses. However, sperm can live up to 7 days in a woman's body. If there are live, motile sperm still present and the sex was at the very end of her period, she could become pregnant if she ovulates within the life span of the sperm. The concentration of sperm is much lower in preejaculate that in semen. Need to use protection if sexually active.