Is there a safe supplement I can take for severe shoulder pain? I have polycystic kidney disease and cannot take anti-inflamatory meds nor can I take pain meds due to allergies. My left shoulder pain is severe at night when I lay down preventing me from s

Shoulder pain. Find out what the cause of your pain really is. If a cortisone shot can benefit, then you may take such a shot every 4-8 weeks for 3 shots. Otherwise, use tylenol (acetaminophen) and try a salon patch.
I . I am glad that you have consulted an orthopedist. Options you have include: 1. Physical therapy. This can often be tremendously helpful and can help prevent a "frozen shoulder", which is a complication from severe constant shoulder pain where a patient does not move their arm enough. Even if you don't do pt, do gentle range-of-motion exercises on your own. 2. Lidoderm patch for pain control. 3. Steroid injection into the shoulder; your orthopedist can perform that. 4. Some patients feel that glucosamine/chondroitin are helpful, though this is controversial. I hope that information helps.