My boyfriend has had neck and back pain for over 10 days, he's sleepy all the time and his eyes have a glazed look he seems out of it and is difficult to wake up when sleeping (more than usual). I am concerned and want him to go to the er. What do you th

Many Possibilities. Depending on how long it's been going on, i would consider an evaluation by a spine specialist. Sometimes it could be a muscle imbalance, early onset arthritis or scoliosis. Also could be a pinched nerve/herniated disc. Either way it might be good to figure it out and get appropriate treatment.
Hello. . Hello. I can't diagnose your boyfriend's problem. If he is taking medications like valium (benzodiazapines), narcotics or Flexeril (cyclobenzaprine hcl) they can be very sedating and could cause him to be sleepy. If he is not taking medications which are sedating, and he seems lethargic, not as responsive this might be a change in his mental status. The tag notes that he has a headache. If he has a severe haedache with difficulty flexing his neck that would be worrisome. A prudent approach would be for him to be see at the er for this constellation of symptoms (specifically headache, sore neck, lethary and seeming glazed over).