Is pregnancy possible after tubal ligation? My last period was not normal, very light and spotty. This period is kinda abnormal. Bleeding but no cramping. My feet are seriously swollen. Also not normal for me. I took 3 test a few weeks ago and they were f

There . There is always a chance that a tubal ligation failed to completely occlude the tube. Your 11 year history of no pregnancy would suggest that this was an effective procedure if you were sexually active during this period. Three faint positive home pregnancy tests however are very suggestive that you were pregnant. If you plan to be sexually active and rely on the tubal ligation for contraception, i would strongly recommend getting a procedure called a hysterosalpingogram (hsg) to check if your tubes are occluded or not. A tube which is not completely occluded can allow a pregnancy to occur in the fallopian tube (ectopic pregnancy) which can be a very dangerous condition. If the two negative tests were taken on later days, this could have been an early pregnancy that stopped on its own. The safest thing to do to interpret what is happening now is to get your doctor to order a blood pregnancy test (quantitative HCG serum test).