Diagnosed with an enlarged spleen while deployed to afghanistan. Labs were taken, I had blood work dealing with my liver off, cleared of mono and maleria. Since I have been statewide, 8 months now, I have had pains in my upper left quadrant of my stomach

Hello. . Hello. I recommend that you write down all of your symptoms and present it to your physician. You can very respectfully state that you are really concerned by these symptoms you can ask if there are any other tests which would help to determine the cause of your pain. Since you are likely getting your care at a mtf, don't know if your doctor allows somewhat of a relaxed environment or if you need to stay locked on during your sessions. If s/he indicates that they have taken the evaluation as far as they can, could respectfully ask to be evaluated by an internist. If this does not achieve what you are looking for, all departments at mtfs have patient contact representatives that you can work through. Take care.
Agree with Dr. F. There are multiple causes of enlarged spleen, one that needs to be excluded is Leishmaniasis. .