I am 20 years old and some of my friends have told me that I can get a shot to keep me from getting cervical cancer. Is it true?

Yes. In the US, there are two vaccines for human papilloma virus. There are many strains of HPV. Some are more virulent than others.One vaccine prevents 4 types of HPV, and the other prevents 2 types. These are a few of the more aggressive types.HPV is very common in the US. Prevention of any kind, be it vaccine or condoms, or abstinence, is recommended.Boys and girls, 9 up to 27 should get vaccinated.
Yes. There are two vaccines available in the market that will work 75% effectiveness if you do not have hpv. You can start at 9-26 years of age. Gardisil and cervaix are the 2 brand names. Series of 3 injections one every month.