Can you tell me what are early signs of bulimia?

Varied symptoms. Some symptoms include: secrecy about eating or not eating around other people. Going to the restroom immediately after eating, sneaking food, food missing from the house. Gaining and losing large amounts of weight in a short period of time, preoccupation with body image, food, weight and exercise. Swollen salivary glands, dental problems, possible depression and/or anxiety.
Bulimia Nervosa. Is from the greek words meaning ravenous hunger. It is an eating disorder characterized by binging & purging, consuming large amount of food in short time then vomiting/taking laxative or diuretic/excessive exercising. More in females. Majority are of normal weight. They have impulsive behaviors such as overspending, & family history of eating disorders, mood disorders & substance abuse.Tx is ssri.
See below. Bulimia involves an uncontrollable urge to eat and different ways to compensate - some do this by vomiting, etc others by exercise. See below for more information.
Vomitting. People with bulemia eat until they are overfull, then vomit in an attempt to get rid of the extra calories. This is not effective for weight loss.