Where exactly is my clitoris?

Easy to find. It's a soft tissue that is above the tube that drains your bladder (where you urinate). It is covered by the upper lips of the vagina (labia minora).
Female phallus. Clitoris is female equivalent of a male penis. Body of the clitoris comprises two, small, narrow rods of erectile tissue with the clitoral glans or head at the distal end. Glans clitoris has an abundance of sensory nerve endings and is mostly covered by a hood of skin which separates on either side to become the labia minora or inner lips. Clitoris enlarges with stimulation which and can orgasm.
Sometimes difficult. You may need to look at an anatomy book first to get a general idea where to look. Basically it is at the top of the vagina where the labia meet. If in doubt your doctor will be able to point this out during your exam.