My father diagnosed with prostate cancer he is having the hormonal treatment. He is 78, dr. Say it's localized in the prostate and litlle spot in the bone around, is that means it spread and no hope or he have the chance to live longer

Yes there is hope! The information shared suggests he has stage IV prostate cancer and androgen blockade is appropriate. His outlook depends on his other health issues and not just his prostate cancer. Cheer up and enjoy his company.
His . His prognosis really depends on his overall state of health, stage and grade of his cancer. If there is indeed a "spot" in the bone, than it is certainly an advanced prostate cancer. That being said, depending on how far advanced and how responsive it is to hormonal treatment, he may live for years.
Always hope. There are many different levels of aggressiveness with prostate cancer however most are not progressive. It is possible that even without treatment this disease will not shorten your father's life or cause him any symptoms. There are also very effective hormonal therapy options.