Does dyslexia run in families? My fiance is dyslexic. Does that mean our children be affected with dyslexia as well? .

I agree there is a . higher risk of dyslexia with a family history of it. What to do is watch for early signs of language delay in your children and seek Early Intervention if they occur. In preschool watch for ability to associate a letter with its sound(s). Read to your kids from infancy. Rhyming stories and poems like Mother Goose help. Avoid TV viewing till age 2, then limit all screen time to 2 hours/day. .
There . There is some evidence that a tendency to dyslexia "runs in families". The inheritance pattern is not clear cut and the child should be evaluated for other things like a hearing problem, cossed dominance, and visual problems. Often dyslexia is associated with left handedness. Now that doctors and teachers are able to identify children with dyslexia, special intervention can be a big help.