Vitamin water is just a big scam isn't it? Lol I'm actually not serious. Everything these days gives mixed results and we never really know if something is good for us, even if it should be. Well atleast anything processed. So my question is simply this:

I . I am providing you the constituents of vitamin water: nutrition facts: serving size 8 fl oz; servings per container 2.5 calories 50 total fat 0g sodium 0mg total carbohydrate 13g total sugar 13g protein 0g vitamin c 60%; vitamin b3 10%; vitamin b6 10%; vitamin B12 10%; vitamin b5 10%, zinc 10% note: each bottle is 2.5 servings. Total calories if the bottle is consumed is approximately 125. Vitamins are over the counter and could be purchased at a reasonable price. A glass of water from the municipality could be adequate for health. Buyer beware is the dictum where it comes to consumer products. For hydrating the body the recommendations are 6 to 8 glasses of water per day. 20%(up to 2 glasses) or more could be obtained from the food we eat. In medicine the preference is for simplicity. Drink water when you are thirsty and take your vitamins separately. Consume food when you are hungry. That way you can be 'in tune' with your bodily needs and better maintain the homeostasis(equilibrium) of the body. I gave a reference to the kiss principle as stated in the wikipedia and also the national institute of health guidelines for re-hydrating the body on a daily basis for the losses it incurs through sweating etc., .