Is there any medication available to help with alcohol withdrawal symptoms? Having cold sweats, some hand trembling and some chest pains this am?

Excellent . Excellent advice by dr mcmullen. This needs to be treated at the hospital. However something to keep in mind once detoxified is that medical acupuncture can be very helpful (auricular / ear) with addictions. Take care.
When . When someone who has been drinking a lot every day quits, they can start having the symptoms of withdrawal 5-10 hours after the last drink which can worsen over 48-72 hours. The symptoms of alcohol withdrawal can be mild (anxiety, fatigue, mood swings), moderate (increased heart rate and blood pressure, sweating, nausea and vomiting), or severe (hallucinations, confusion, seizures, irregular heartbeat). Other health problems can also worsen withdrawal symptoms. You need to contact your doctor prior to stopping alcohol or proceed to the emergency room if you start to experience withdrawal symptoms since these can be very dangerous. Alcohol withdrawal is one of the few drug withdrawals that can actually kill you, so we take it very seriously. There are medications that can help, but they are restricted substances and should be given with careful monitoring. I attached a website below that talks about the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal in more depth.