What is a normal blood sugar after a meal? #nqlu my boyfriend is a diabetic and had a 177 blood sugar level after our meal. Mine was 157. Is that normail?

Yours normal. Your boyfriend is a known diabetic and he should be monitored with A1c not a random blood glucose after eating.
The . The most important point to stress here is when the blood sugar is taken after a meal. Two hours after a meal is a true measure of how well your body is allowing the sugar you consumed to be taken up by the cells( role of insulin). If you take it around an hour after, that is merely an indication of how much sugar you ingested at the meal and does not really tell us much. Therefore the two hour is what will give you useful information. If your boyfriend has well controlled diabetes, then his blood sugar should be 140 or less after two hours. If a non-diabetic such as yourself has a blood sugar greater than or equal to about 140 after two hours then you may have an issue with processing sugar, and will need to see your doctor for diabetes testing. There is no established normal range that we use for non-diabetics at two hours, but most doctors use the 140 cutoff. Please remember the two hour blood sugar test is the most useful. Please see your doctor if you have any further questions or concerns. All the best.