How is cyclic breast pain typically treated?

Progesterone. Most people respond well to Progesterone cream or a diuretic. In severe cases testosterone type medications can help.
Evening primrose. Evening primrose 1500 mg twice a day can eliminate breast pain in 60-70% of individuals! if it helps after using it for two months then you can decrease and only use it the two weeks prior to your cycle every month.

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How is non-cyclic breast pain typically treated?

Evening primrose. There are several reasons for breast pain. Yes it is cyclic for many. So first eliminate all sources of caffeine for two months and serif that helps. Also try evening of primrose 1500 mg tablets twice a day for at least two months. There are prescription drugs such as tamoxifen which can be used in severe cases. Also make sure it is not your ribs under your breast that are hurting. If so try advil (ibuprofen). Read more...