What do you think it is? I have pain in my jaw and I get very dizzy quicky. I have ringing in y ears and forget a lot of things easily. I have a runny nose all the time and when I sleep I wake up with blood all over my covers from bleeding. I went to my

You . You have so many symptoms that can mean so many different things. Have you seen a dentist to rule out any dental problems that may be contributing to your condition? I suggest you have an exam to see if you have any problems with your teeth that may be causing you to have pain in your jaw.
You . You have multiple problems, and they are not likely all related. Bleeding from your nose while sleeping is not likely related to migraines, whether that diagnosis is correct or not. Ringing in the ears ("tinnitus") is also not a common symptom of migraine, but combined with dizziness might indicate a primary middle or inner ear problem.. Memory difficulties are not a feature of migraines. You have not said how old you are, how long you have had memory trouble, or whether the things you don't remember are recent or old. Perhaps you have sinus infections which have spread to or affected your inner and middle ear; this would account for some of the symptoms you have. I suggest you seek out an ENT physician first, and a neurologist next, to try and figure out all the things which you are experiencing.