Could this swelling around one molar be caused by an abscessed tooth? I have a molar on the left side of the mouth where the gum is incredibly swollen and tender around it. It hurts to eat, brush or do anything around that tooth, and I'm wondering if this

If . If it is all the way in the back it might be what is called a pericoronitis. An infection of the gum over a partially erupted wisdom tooth. Try to brush it to clean it out, and you will have to see your dentist to either resolve the infection, or remove the wisdome tooth.
An . An abscess is certainly possible, and it is important to know what kind. A common abscess is when the nerve of the tooth is dead and would require root canal therapy. Another kind is a periodontal abscess, an infection to the tissue around the tooth. It would be important to be seen by a dentist asap to determine the problem and treat accordingly.
Seattle, It . Seattle, it could be. It could also be pericoronitis, a localized gum infection usually around the lose tissue of a partially erupted third molar. Either way, see your dentist for treatment. Infections can spread, and can (rarely) become life threatening. It is nothing to mess with. Hope that is helpful, michael i. Wollock, dmd, agd fellow dentistry at suburban square 610-649-0313 www.Dentistryatsuburbansquare.Com.