I have had the flu my daughter tested positive for influnza a now my neck is stiff and I am having neck pains with the flu I was vomiting coughing and had a sore throat

Influenza . Influenza is really peaking all across this country right now, and I am sorry that you are both having to go through this. Neck pain can be caused by muscular pain and sore throat. Advil or tylenol, (acetaminophen) or even warm packs, will usually help. Of course with neck pain there is always the concern of meningitis. Patients with meningitis may also have headache, vomiting, fever, and rash, and if those symptoms existed then the patient should contact their physician.
See doctor. It may be just flu, however, your symptoms warrant medical evaluation. Unless your symptoms are abating, you should go to the emergency room of a nearby hospital. Drink plenty of water or juice to stay hydrated, you may take acetaminophen if you have fever.

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My daughter had the flu and it seems to be over but still has a low grade fever of 99.5, and a mild sore throat. Why would 99.5 still be lingering?

Not a fever. I know we are all taught growing up that a normal temperature is 98.6, but that's an average. In the world of pediatrics anything less than 100.4 is considered within normal range. While you may be used to your child having a temperature lower than her current 99.5 it's still considered okay. Read more...

Had the flu. Just as I was feeling better I got a sore throat. It started out very painful. Now its bearable but uncomfortable. Its been 3 wks.

Lengthy recovery. Influenza, if that is what you actually had, can be a devastating illness, with full recovery taking weeks after onset of symptoms. Time should heal this. If it continues much longer, however, see a doctor and get this looked at. Secondary complications do occur, but would wait a little while longer. Read more...

I had the flu a little over a week ago and now have my left ear clogged and sore throat. Is this related to the shot?

Congestion/ sore . Throat.You had the flu or a flu vaccine? Two very different things. To decrease congestion that may be impacting your eustachian tube (drains the ears) try a couple things. Neti pots can reduce nasal congestion. Mix ¼ tsp salt w 1 cup lukewarm water. More salt can also be used. Place solution in neti pot. Tilt head & pour solution into 1 nostril. Blow nose lightly & spit out any liquid that >. Read more...