Will it be more difficult to get pregnant when I stop taking the birth control pill?

No. Actually, it should probably be easier as combined oral contraception increases sex hormone binding globulin. This protein soaks up hormones that can interfere with ovulation. I will often have my patients on coc for 60 days prior to using ovulation induction agents, in order to increase shbg. On the other hand, the older you get, the harder to get pregnant, so it depends your age when ttc.
NO! . There is no evidence that taking the pill will affect your ability to get pregnant. In fact, there is some evidence that it may help to preserve your fertility.

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Okay I was on the birth control pill and I stopped taking it because I want to get pregnant but my period wont stop is that bad or what is happening?

Need more info. So you stopped the pill, got your period and it won't stop - i hope that is accurate. Take a pregnancy test to make sure that this is not an issue. Then, call your ob/gyn for a visit to examine you and consider whether an ultrasound is indicated. Read more...

Can I get pregnant while having unprotected sex during my "fertile window", even though I'm taking the birth control pill @ the same time every day?

Yes. Perfect use of birth control pills have a failure rate of 3% (pregnancy rate), That is low, but no contraceptive method is perfect. Perfect use for combined oral contraceptives (estradiol and a progestin) means taking 1 pill every day without missing doses. Read more...