Does writing letters backward mean my child has dyslexia? My daughter is in kindergarten and is learning to write. She often writes letters backward, and mixes up words with similar spellings. Does this mean she has dyslexia? .

It . It is completely normal for a young child to reverse letters when first learning how to write - it is not an indicator of dyslexia. Many kids will continue to confuse b's and d's, q's and p's, well into first and even second grade. The same is true for confusing similar spellings of words. I've attached an article that talks about dyslexia and what to look for. Good luck!
Developmental issue. Letter reversals are common as chldren are learning the alphabet and to read up until 3rd grade. It is not a sign of dyslexia at this young age.
Young children with. Receptive & expressive language delays are at risk for dyslexia, a learning disability caused by the brain's inability to process the smallest units of sound in a language, aka lack of phonological awareness. Difficulty with sound-symbol associations at 5-6 is a clue; e.g., " g- guh- goose. Take away the 'g' & put an 'm'-muh. What do you have? Muh-moose." Letter reversal is typical thru age 7.